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True Reusable Bags are the only locally made shopping bag with a recycling program that enables the bags to be truly recycled over again. Every reusable bag reduces plastic trash from waste streams by incorporating 100% recycled materials sourced in the USA.

  • The least expensive reusable bag
  • True Reusable Bags have lower carbon footprints than imports
  • Clean & non toxic: bags do not harbor bacteria / no toxic lead
  • True resuable bags are printed with water based inks
  • Durable / strong: reusable bags hold over 22lbs & 125 reuses
  • Reusable shopping bags are washable
  • 100% recyclable reusable bags made with recycled PCR/PIR
  • True Reusable Bags are made to meet state & federal reusable grocery bag standards
True Reusable Bag's recycling process shows how easily reusable bags can be recycled over again.

Watch the reusable bags animated.
Recycling plastic is that easy.

Video Video

Learn how easy it is to recycle plastic into reusable bags
Learn how we take used plastic that has been diverted from trash and made into 100% recycled, reusable bags.

Children's Reusable Bag Recycling Program
Watch the video clip of the Children talk about the benefits of recycling and reusable bags. See how True Reusable Bags can benefit local schools and charities.

KFWB Radio - Listen to Pete Grande, CEO
talk about the plastic bag bans. Listen to the short update on recent California plastic bag bans. Imported reusable bags may not be as environmental as they appear. Imported reusable bags from Vietnam may have been made with used syringes. Choose instead a made in USA True Reusable Bags...

''Do right for your own sake and be happy knowing that your
neighbor will certainly share in the benefits resulting.''
~ Mark Twain